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About Us

About Us

Our Organization

THE LIKHAAN GROUP,™ Inc. (TLG) is an alliance of non-profit, development-oriented non-government organizations (NGO) and sectoral associations in the Philippines and other developing and less developed countries. Likhaan is dedicated to the promotion of activities that cultivate human creativity and improve social productivity for sustainable-equitable development and community transformation.

Likhaan Group was formed to consolidate and strengthen the capacity of its incorporated, affiliated, associated and allied organizations or partner institutions. Thus, TLG provides broad range of administrative resources, management-executive support and secretariat services to TLG affiliates and associated organizations.


Human creativity and social productivity.


Social transformation through equitable growth and sustainable development.

The Likhaan Group™ has four (4) organizational sub-systems: 1) The Likhaan Group PROPER is the umbrella organization with working directorate, central secretariat, operating centers and organizing units; 2) Likhaan Organic Institutions consisting of incorporated organizations and institutes; 3) Likhaan Affiliated Organizations; and 4) Likhaan Partners and Associated Organizations.

The Likhaan Group PROPER

National Council. Likhaan is guided by a National Council composed of the TLG board of trustees, senior executive officers and directors of its member-organizations, and chairpersons of the Council's working committees. It is headed by the TLG President as ex-officio chairperson.

Directorate & Secretariat. TLG member-organizations operate through the Likhaan Working Directorate and Central Secretariat (LCS), which provides administrative resources, executive support and secretariat services. LCS coordinates the programs and activities of TLG and its member-organizations.

Operating Centers. TLG has four operating centers:

Development Planning & Research Centre (DPRC) - undertakes development planning and research, social & economic research, and policy research & strategic studies.

Likhaan Resource Information Centre (LRIC) - provides library and information services, computing services, development communication, audio-visual production and publications; and publishes the Likhaan Newsletter, Creativity Journal and occasional research papers and development studies.

Organic Institutions

Established in the Philippines: 07July 1973
Established in the Philippines: 22February 1983
Organized: 21 September 1988 Incorporated: 29 September 1988

Founded: 30 November 1980 Incorporated: 18 October 1981

Founded: 24 October 1989 Incorporated: 26 December 1989

Organized: 17 May 1991

Established: 18 June 2000

Organized: 14 March 2001

Founded: 14 March 2003

Founded: 22 August 2007

Affiliate Members

Organized: 25 February 1982

Organized: 25 February 1982

Centre for International Studies & Understanding (CISU) - operates the regional and country units for education, scientific, cultural and trade relations, coordinates people-to-people activities, and supports friendship societies with other countries.

Special Projects & Development Concerns (SPDC) - monitors and coordinates the Children and Youth Desk, Women's Desk, Farmers, Fishers and Workers Desk, Tribal Groups & Cultural Communities, Humanitarian, Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation, and Special Projects Desk of other NGOs and people's organizations.

Organizing Unit. Likhaan has two organizing units:

The Creativity Network (TCN) - establishes Likhaan network coordination arrangements with schools, colleges and universities, NGOs, community organizations, civic and religious associations, government agencies, and private institutions.

Likhaan Volunteer Corps (LVC) - searches out for volunteers to help implement programs and projects of Likhaan and its member-organizations.

Both TCN and LVC are composed of young professionals, teachers, workers, students and out-of-school youth.

Alliance Network. TLG has also set-up the Likhaan Branches & Alliance Coordination Center with Likhaan Alliance Network groups.

The Likhaan Alliance Network (LAN) is located in five (5) strategic areas in the Philippines. It serves as the regional extension service group of TLG. These are:
Likhaan National Capital and South Luzon Alliance in Quezon City for Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog region and nearby provinces, cities and towns of Central Luzon.

Likhaan North Luzon Alliance in Baguio City for Northern Luzon and part of Central Luzon.

Likhaan Bicol Alliance in Legazpi City for the whole of Bicol region.

Likhaan Visayas Alliance in Cebu City for Metro Cebu and the Visayan regions.

Likhaan Mindanao Alliance in Davao City for Metro Davao, the whole of Mindanao and Sulu archipelago.

Our Mission & Objectives

THE LIKHAAN GROUP™ INC. is dedicated to the development of human creativity and the promotion of inventive activities. It stimulates the creation of technical and social inventions, and improvement of social productivity. It promotes equitable community transformation and sustainable development.

Accordingly, the MISSION of TLG is to promote activities that cultivate human creativity, create technical and social inventions, and improve social productivity for sustainable-equitable development and community transformation.

Our OBJECTIVES are to promote creative education and specialized training, undertake innovative research and development planning, and conduct policy research and strategic studies. TLG seeks to promote agricultural innovations and countryside development; environmental protection, conservation and resource management; human settlement studies, planning and design; energy research/development, arts and literature, and social innovations and purposeful community development.

Likhaan aims to carry out scientific investigation and technological studies focused on energy and power, human settlement technologies, environmental technologies, community design, and housing designs & technologies. TLG also offers project management services and undertake enterprise development projects in agri-business, small-medium industries and rural enterprises.

Our Work

THE LIKHAAN GROUP™ INC. is dedicated to the development of human creativity and the promotion of inventive activities. It stimulates the creation of technical and social inventions, and improvement of social productivity. It promotes equitable community transformation and sustainable development.

The primary work of TLG includes: Development planning and research; policy research and strategic studies; information services, development communication and publications; international studies and understanding; special projects and development concerns; organization of creativity network and volunteer corps; formation of alliance network, setting up and coordination of affiliate and associate organizations; project management services; and enterprise development projects in agri-business, small-medium industries and rural enterprises

The InventSchool™ undertakes work on human creativity and promotion of inventive activities through its major course programs under the Technological Inventions Division (TID) and Social Inventions Division (SID) - "Scientific and Technological Creativity (SciTeC)™" and "Creativity in Social Inventions and Community Innovations (SinCom)™". This work will be undertaken in every developing and underdeveloped countries where The InventSchool™ will be set-up.

The Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc. (LIFI) conducts research work on creativity/creatology and creative education program and training courses. LIFI also undertakes education and training on specialized subject matters and specific topical courses; community development & innovations, social research, development management, and other specific concerns (in association with SICI); community development & the environment, environmental management and pollution control, development management, and other specific concerns (in association with ENRI); ekistics (the science of human settlements), settlement studies and housing design, human settlements planning and design (in association with THSI); fundamentals of public management, fiscal operations and financial management, investment planning for local governments, and courses in good governance (in association with MAGI).

The Social Inventions & Community Innovations, Inc. (SICI) handles the social laboratory of TISI, LIFI and other Likhaan-member organizations. SICI focuses on social development research and community studies, development management systems (D•M•S) and community-based programs and projects. In addition, SICI undertakes development work with the poor, informal sectors or underprivileged groups and the setting-up of progressive community innovation models (C•I•M).

Environment & Natural Resource Institute, Inc. (ENRI) is in charge of environmental research studies, environmental management system, natural resource management studies, and management and research on community resources

The Human Settlements Institute, Inc. (THSI) undertakes human settlements design and development, ekistics research and community settlement studies, physical development of communities, modular housing design and development and research on housing technologies.

Management & Governance, Inc. (MAGI) takes charge of community management and barangay governance, promotes good governance and public management, and assists local government units.

The Energaea Institute, Inc. (TEII) undertakes education and training on energy and power, energy research and development, and energy projects for community development.

Creative Institute for Arts & Literature (CIAL) promotes creative arts & crafts and literature, and conducts training on creative writing, science journalism, and fine arts and crafts.

Our Member-Organizations

The Likhaan Group is composed of the following member-organizations:

The InventSchool

The InventSchoolInternational, Inc. (TISI) - conducts education and training on inventive creativity, inventions and innovations; and undertakes inventive and innovative research and development.

Likhaan Institute Foundation,  Inc.

Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc. (LIFI) - undertakes education, training and development on specialized subject matter and specific concerns, and creatological research and creativity studies.

Social Inventions

Social Inventions & Community Innovations, Inc. (SICI) - conducts social development research and community studies, institution of development management systems, and sets-up community development innovation models in rural and urban areas.

Environment & Natural  Resource Institute

Environment & Natural Resource Institute (ENRI) - engages in environmental research and natural resource management studies, institution of environmental management system (EMS), management and research on community resources, and provides environmental management services.

Management & Governance  Institute

Management & Governance Institute (MAGI) - provides services to line agencies and government corporations in public management; gives assistance to LGUs in community management and local governance in particular, and promotes good governance and public management in general.

The Human Settlements  Institute

The Human Settlements Institute (THSI) - undertakes human settlements design and development, ekistics research and community settlement studies, and urban renewal projects.

The Energaea

The EnergaeaInstitute (TEII) - conducts scientific research and development on energy, and promotes energy development for community improvement.

Creative Institute for  Arts & Literature

Creative Institute for Arts & Literature (CIAL) - promotes the development of arts and literature, and gives assistance to the creation of beautiful and thought-provoking works in painting, sculpture, music or writing.

Our History in Brief

The germ of "The Likhaan Group" began in 1967 with an on-the-spot painting contest at the NationalUniversity in Manila, followed by the formation of Samahang Maharlika, Isp. (Samahar) in July 1969. Hence, LIKHAAN traces its history from these events, which ultimately led to the setting up of The InventSchool on 7 July 1973. Thereafter, other organizations were subsequently established. The Likhaan Group, Inc. (TLG) was organized on 7 July 2006 to consolidate and strengthen the capacity of its incorporated, affiliated, associated and allied organizations or partner institutions. Today, TLG is an umbrella organization, which provides broad range of administrative resources, management-executive support and secretariat services to its member-institutes and associated organizations.

The history of LIKHAAN is rooted in the original InventSchool™, which was organized on 7 July 1973 as a training unit of Imbensyon Pilipino, a private company that provides creativity training and promotes invention development in the Philippines.

Imbensyon Pilipino was transformed into the Creativity Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CRADFI) in 1975; replaced in 1978 by a non-profit service organization called Likhaan Institute for Technological Innovations, later to be renamed and incorporated in 1979 as Technology for Human Development Foundation, Inc. (Techud).

Techud retained and organized Likhaan Institute as its training center for creativity on 30 November 1980. Likhaan [renamed Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc. (LIFI)] separated from Techud, now defunct, and incorporated as a private, non-profit education, research and development foundation at Securities and Exchange Commission in Manila on 18 October 1981.

Institutional development. LIFI started as a research and training center for human creativity and social productivity. It initiated the re-establishment of the InventSchool™ Program in 1981 at the Philippine Invention Development Institute (PIDI). When PIDI was abolished in 1987, Likhaan took over the sole operation, implementation and management of the InventSchool™. On 21 September 1988, Likhaan established The InventSchool™ International, Inc. (TISI), to fully operate The InventSchool™ Program in the Philippines, and later promote its programs in Third World countries.

In late 1988, Likhaan began to evolve as a community service and development institution. It created a development planning and research service group. To fully integrate its social research and community development efforts, Likhaan formed a new incorporated organization known as the Social Inventions and Community Innovations, Inc. (SICI) on 24 October 1989.

From late 1989 to 1996, Likhaan organized project management teams and support groups that implemented LIFI's funded-projects. Likhaan has relatively fewer projects from 1997 to late 2005. Still, this period saw the setting up of several institutes/centers, manned by one or two members, such as: Environment & Natural Resource Institute (ENRI), 1991; The Creatology Centre (TCC), 1993; Development Planning & Research Centre (DPRC), 1994; Centre for Education, Training & Development (CETD), 1995; Social Productivity Centre (SPC), 1996; The Creativity Network (TCN), 1997; Likhaan Resource Information Centre (LRIC), 1998; Centre for International Studies & Understanding (CISU), 1999; The Human Settlements Institute (THSI), 2000; Management & Governance Institute (MAGI), 2001; Special Projects & Development Concerns (SPDC), 2002; affiliated The Energaea™ Institute (TEII) organized in 2003; Centre for Simulation & Gaming (CSG), 2004; and Likhaan Volunteer Corps (LVC), 2005. TLG's activities, aside from institutional development and program planning, were limited to the preparation and updating of The InventSchool's course program designs, course outlines, and course materials, textbooks and workbooks. On 30 November 2000, all organizations and affiliates of Likhaan were consolidated into the Likhaan Group™ of organizations. LIFI was reorganized as the lead institution and executive organization of the Group.

Finally, The Likhaan Group,™ Inc. (TLG) was instituted on 7 July 2006, the 33rd anniversary of The InventSchool™ to coordinate the human creativity and social productivity programs and projects of TISI, LIFI, SICI and other organic institutions and affiliated organizations. TLG was incorporated in Manila on 18 December 2006 at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) with Registration No. CN200619363.

Likhaan Today

Today, Likhaan as a consolidated group continues to conduct and provide creative education. It offers creativity and social productivity training for professionals, managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, and researchers as well as community development workers, farmers, fishers, rural workers, urban poor and industrial workers; and teachers, students, youth and children.

It implements The InventSchool™ course programs, social inventions and community innovations projects, and specialized education, training and development programs.

It conducts development planning, policy research and strategic studies. It undertakes developmental projects for local government units, housing and human settlement designs, agri-business studies and the promotion of rural enterprises. It supports innovative research and scientific investigations.

On 22 August 2007, Likhaan created the Creative Institute for Arts & Literature (CIAL). It also developed new course programs, social inventions and community innovations projects, and specialized education, training and development programs.

At the beginning of year 2008, Likhaan reviewed and evaluated available Likhaan plans/programs and updated the institutional development plans of incorporated organizations, organic institutes, operating centers and units for inclusion in the new TLG Strategic Development Plan (SDP). Likhaan redefined its restarting points for organizational reactivation. In July, Likhaan celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Our Team / Who We Are

The LIKHAAN GROUP,™ Inc. (TLG) website is administered/coordinated primarily by Cesar Dan Gonzales in Quezon City, Philippines with a collaborative team composed of Rafael Nelson M. Aboganda and Carlos A. Soriano, together with Jose R. Malbarosa, Jaime Noble Maza, Jr. and Anthony R. Manas, with Ernesto A. Forcadilla in Canada and Renato A. Forcadilla in Oman.

The Likhaan Group™ is an income tax exempt not-for-profit organization operating under the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in Manila with Reg. No.CN200619363.

The Executive Staff of TLG in Manila includes Rafael Nelson M. Aboganda, Carlos A. Soriano, Jose R. Malbarosa, Jaime N. Maza, Jr. and Anthony R. Manas with Ernesto A. Forcadilla in Canada/North America and Renato A. Forcadilla in Oman/Middle East.

Who we are

Executive Officers (Manila)

RAFAEL NELSON M. ABOGANDA is current president of The Likhaan Group,™ Inc. and chairs the Likhaan National Council. He is an independent development management and environmental management consultant, and serves as editor-in-chief of CEO MAGAZINE. Jointly with several co-workers, he launched The InventSchool™ on 7 July 1973. He also initiated the organization of the InventClub™, an association of young inventors and inventive researchers in 1982. He played a key role in shaping creative education and training program in the Philippines as well as the promotion of inventive activities and local inventions in the 1970s and 1980s. Early in his career, he was involved in agricultural and rural development, building construction, shelter systems and tribal settlements design, and environmental management and public health & sanitation. At Likhaan, he manages development research, planning and management program with focal points on community innovations and sustainable development. He also directs social invention and community innovation projects for urban renewal and rural development. He maintains short-term training, development planning and environmental management consultancy assignments with local and foreign organizations. He was educated at the National University in Manila with BSc. in civil and sanitary (environmental) engineering and took up baccalaureate courses in architecture.

CARLOS A. SORIANO is presently vice president of The Likhaan Group™ and manages the Likhaan National Council working committees. He plays a large role in the day-to-day management and operations of Likhaan and its member-organizations. He is a development manager and community innovator. He served as development management officer at the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC). He managed community enterprise and rural development projects, promotion of local technology, and training programs at TLRC. At Inventech Management Corporation, he was involved in the promotion of local inventions and technology development planning. Previously, he served as educational technologist of the multi-media division, Philippine Human Resources Development Center (PHRDC). He was educated at the National University in Manila and University of the Philippines in Quezon City.

JOSE R. MALBAROSA is board member/treasurer of The Likhaan Group™ and chairs the Likhaan National Council executive committee. He is president and CEO of Global Protective Systems, Inc. since 1986. He represented the Firemaster Ltd. of London, England for fire suppression systems and the GEM SPRINKLER Company of USA. For 15 years, his company installed modern fire protection systems, sprinklers, fire alarm and smoke detection systems, FM 200 SYSTEMS, and related safety and security systems for buildings, manufacturing plants, and sensitive facilities. In 1996, he engaged in publishing business serving for two years as publisher of the first and only Bikol Daily News for the Bicol Region in Southern Luzon, Philippines. He later teamed up with industrial communicators and CEOs in Metro Manila to publish the CEO MAGAZINE for business, industry, chief executive officers, entrepreneurs, government leaders, the academe, and various professionals including media people. He was educated at National University and Adamson University both in Manila and completed management engineering. He underwent postgraduate studies in project management at the Ateneo de Manila University and attended management seminars in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong during the recent past.

JAIME NOBLE MAZA, JR. is board member/corporate secretary of The Likhaan Group™ and chairs the Likhaan Working Directorate. He is currently the executive director of the Korean-Philippines Information Technology Center located at the Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) in Novaliches, Quezon City. Prior to this, he was executive director of SB NegoTech, the livelihood and trade training center of Quezon City government. He heads the WIA Batch '65 Foundation that gives free kindergarten education in Mallig, Isabela province, Philippines. He was educated at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City completing BSc. in physics and studied electronics and communications engineering at University of the East in Manila.

HELEN GRACE JASMIN ABOGANDA takes charge of the Likhaan and Central Secretariat (LCS), which provides administrative resources, executive support and secretariat services to member-organizations. She serves as general registrar of Likhaan and maintains graduates/participants' database and services. She also administers the IDEA BANK for Technological Inventions and the IDEA FACTORY for Social Inventions. Her role at TLG includes staff administration, event management, delivery of research findings and project results, and fieldwork reports. She completed BSc. in business administration major in management at the National College of Business & Arts in Quezon City. Her interests include singing, music, arts and crafts.

International Operations

ERNESTO A. FORCADILLA, presently based in Toronto, Canada, is handling the international operations of The Likhaan Group™ and The InventSchool™. He led the formation of the Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc., which took over the operation of The InventSchool™ in 1981. He is an outstanding painter-sculptor. He designs corporate logo, brochures, annual reports and magazine/periodical layouts. He currently produces "Corporate Wall Clock" for Canada's largest corporation using customized digital imaging. He invented award winning "educational toys" to develop intelligent creativity of children. He is currently the principal coordinator, editor/designer and team leader/webmaster of The InventSchool™ Website. He was educated at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City where he completed a bachelor of fine arts degree.

RENATO A. FORCADILLA, presently based in the Sultanate of Oman, Middle East, is co-founder of the Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc. and lecturer of The InventSchoolä. Since 1985, he is a member of the teaching staff of the Higher College of Technology (HTC), formerly Oman Technical Industrial College, in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He is the inventor of the “Electric Utility Meter Reading System (EUMERS)” and currently working on “Smart Switch,” a wireless technology. He served as research associate and program officer at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), the training center for senior executive officers of the Philippine government. He finished BSc. in electrical engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and received a Diploma in electronics technology at the Philippine College of Arts and Trades (PCAT) now Technological University of the Philippines (TUP), all in Manila.

ANTHONY R. MANAS, is member of the board of directors of Likhaan and serves as executive director of The InventSchool International, Inc. (TISI). He is currently a professor at the World Citi Colleges (WCC) and served as associate professor at ABE International College of Business and Economics. He has been involved in a broad range of activities including being former vice president of the Center for Assistance on Community Mortgage Program, Inc. and project manager of CISP-Land Development Corporation and the Center for Housing and Human Ecology Development Foundation, Inc. He also worked as analyst (socio-environmental division, corporate planning group) and community relations officer (social engineering department) both at the National Power Corporation (NPC). His areas of specialization include working with modeling and simulation techniques in participatory decision-making analysis and processes, micro-finance, and business planning using quantitative modeling and evaluation techniques. He graduated from National College on Business and Arts (NCBA) in Quezon City with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). He completed AB in political science at Far Eastern University in Manila and enterprise development course at University of the Philippines, Institute for Small Scale Industries, (UP-ISSI). He also took up graduate studies in public administration (MPA) at the University of the Philippines, Quezon City.

Likhaan branches & alliance network (Philippines)

Likhaan Branch & Alliance Coordination Center
Likhaan National Capital & Northern-Southern Tagalog Alliance
(Metro-Manila, Northern-Southern Tagalog & nearby areas) - Quezon City

Likhaan North Luzon Alliance (Northern and Central Luzon) - BaguioCity

Likhaan Bicol Alliance (Bicol Region) - LegazpiCity

Likhaan Visayan Alliance (Visayan Region) - CebuCity

Likhaan Mindanao Alliance (Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago) - DavaoCity

» If you would like to offer your assistance as a volunteer team member or provide other help to The Likhaan Group™ and its member-organizations and operating institutes/centers, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also initiate the setting-up and operation of The Likhaan Group™ branches and Alliance Network, and The InventSchool™ in your area, country or region under the sponsorship of any non-profit organization or government entity.

What People Say About Us

What people have said about the work of The Likhaan Group and The InventSchool

"The training programs of The Likhaan Group™ and The InventSchool™ have stimulated the creative potentials of our students. They were able to shift from one perspective to another, from one viewpoint to its opposite, and from larger scan to deeper analysis. On the other hand, our teachers were able to appreciate the value of creativity in teaching. They were able to improve their educational methods and teaching techniques. They have enhanced their skills in guiding students particularly in their scientific research and investigatory projects."
- Tomas Ongoco, President, Quezon City Academy, Philippines

"The creativity training of The InventSchool™ has developed our students into inventive individuals working in groups. In fact, they have won almost all the prizes in Invention Contests for college students for several years."
- Tomas Mapua, Jr., former President, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila

"What this country (The Philippines) need is more knowledgeable, more progressive citizen. Obviously, The Likhaan Group™, The InventSchool™ and other member-organizations can provide a way to achieve this objective. During the InventSchool's early years, I was directly involved as one of its lecturers. Today, I believe its new social innovation courses are necessary in improving the lives of squatters and low-income families in the new communities (medium-rise housing projects) that Quezon City government through its HOUSING & URBAN RENEWAL AUTHORITY (HURA) provides to these people."

- Salvador M. Enriquez, Jr., former Secretary, Philippine Department of Budget & Department of Finance President & General Manager, Quezon City Housing & Urban Renewal Authority.

The Likhaan Group™ needs you!

Join our organizing team; help us set-up Likhaan organizational units such as The InventSchool™, Likhaan Institute, and Social Inventions & Community Innovations, among others, in your country or in your respective schools, colleges and universities or areas. Join one of the most exciting events in the field of technological innovations and social inventions since the first school was invented in Sumer (an ancient country in western Asia in southern Mesopotamia in the present day Iraq) in 2500 B.C.

If you are interested in joining our organization please send an email to likhaangroup@likhaan.com

How does The Likhaan Group™ survive?

With your help: Buying books and other products from the LIKHAAN Store, enrolling in our Training Programs/Courses and Donating directly provide us with the funds to keep our work going. The Likhaan Group(TLG) is a non-profit, non-government organization registered as an education, training, research and charity association in Manila, Philippines; while The InventSchoolInternational, Inc. (TISI), Likhaan Institute Foundation, Inc. (LIFI) and the Social Inventions & Community Innovations, Inc.™ (SICI) are incorporated organizations of Likhaan. The Environment & Natural Resource Institute (ENRI), Management & Governance Institute (MAGI), The Human Settlements Institute (THSI), The EnergaeaInstitute (TEII) and Creative Institute for Arts & Literature (CIAL) are organic institutes of TLG. So you can be sure any money from book/product sales and donations goes directly to fund our work.

Contacts / Locations

54-A Main Avenue, Barangay Socorro
Cubao, Quezon City 1109
The Philippines
Telephone: (632) 437 2045
likhaangroup@yahoo.com or likhaangroup@gmail.com

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have spotted a page that needs updating or if you think there is an organization or piece of information that should be added. In addition, should you wish to know more about our work, be that on the web, our publications or our programs/projects, please feel free to get in touch.

Privacy Policy

Security Policy. The Likhaan Group™ collects information that is necessary only to process information, an order or a request.

All information collected for The Likhaan Group™ database, re: participants, graduates, subscribers, inventors, innovators, inventions, associations, organizations, etc. are stored on secure site and not available to any individual, group or organization but only to our Registrar/Computer Control Staff.

All orders are processed through WorldPay / PayPal. All account information collected on this web site is stored on WorldPay / PayPal's secure site and is not available to The Likhaan Group™ computers, other than shipping and email information.

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